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Appstract Software is not a conventional software house, it is a bunch of qualified developers focused on gaining new experience, knowledge and following modern technologies. Every project needs different approach to the problem and this is what you get from us. We are distinguished by full commitment to our work. Our main rule is to pick projects we enjoy and we enjoy projects that can teach us something.

Welcome to the world of technology

Highly skilled software developers providing complete solutions on time

Analysis is the key. Firstly we will work together to find out your real needs. Then you will get the documentation and wireframes that will help you visualize your vision. Agile and communication runs in our blood which means you’re a member of our team. You will be involved in the project until you download the app with the smile on your face!

UX Design
Mobile applications

Our mission

Provide superior quality in javascript.

Our values


Many years of commercial experience gave our team extraordinary knowledge about Javascript world..


Our key value in development is providing the highest possible quality of code and build software accordingly to the best available guidelines.

Teamwork & Communication

Every complex problem is solved by the whole team to ensure the highest quality solution for a customer.


Based on in-depth analysis of a problem we always simplify the process of development.


Documentation, testing, continuous integration and well-organized team is a key to highest efficiency. We just do not have time to waste.

Long term cooperation

In business we create long term relation with our customers providing them support and help every time needed.

Start creating clean code today!


We build on trust. The full documentation and clean code are the basic values.

We work in pairs which means every single line of code is reviewed by the other specialist. TDD is a standard practise and every code update is properly tested. We test all of our apps on several premium and low-end devices. The unusual use cases are also considered which assures the stability.


A small team of full-stack developers

We are well organized, flexible, communicative and speak good English and Polish. We have worked with big corporations and start-ups which gives us a proper understanding of several business models. Do you want to meet in Poland, Germany, Switzerland, France? It not an issue for us. Let’s arrange a meeting so you can know us better!


Senior JavaScript Developer

specialized in NodeJS, Angular, Redux


Senior JavaScript Developer

specialized in React, Redux


JavaScript Developer

specialized in NodeJS, ReactNative

and more...


We work with some amazing technologies.

nodejs developers
react developers
redux developers
angular,angularjs developers
html,css,bootstrap developers
sass,less,css developers
react native developers, hybrid developers
mongo developers,postgresql developers, mysql developers

and PHP, Prado, Laravel, Zend, AngularJS, ExtJS, Knockout, VueJS, Backbone, Babel, Karma, Jasmine, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Webpack, Lodash, Underscore, Websockets, microservices, Amazon AWS, JSPM, Bower, NPM, GIT...

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We are located in Lodz, Poland with international airport. It’s only a few hours trip from most European countries. Let’s check when we can meet!


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